Integrate Google Ad Manager

Create VAST ads in Google Ad Manager and serve through the BeyondWords Player.

This guide explains how to create an audio ad unit, create an audio creative, generate a VAST Ad Tag in Google Ad Manager, add the VAST Ad Tag to BeyondWords, and serve audio ads through the BeyondWords Player.

1. Create an audio ad unit

  1. Sign into Google Ad Manager (don't have an account? Get started)

  2. Select 'Inventory' > 'Ad Units' > 'New ad unit'

  3. Fill in the details:

    1. Enter a suitable 'Name' (for example, "BeyondWords Player")

    2. Set 'Size mode' to 'Fixed size'

    3. Set 'Video (VAST) sizes' > 'Master' to '400x300v'

  4. Select 'Save'

2. Add an audio creative

  1. Go to 'Delivery' > 'VAST creatives' then select 'New creative'

  2. Select the Advertisers that the creative belongs to, then select the 'Audio' creative type

  3. Fill in the details:

    1. Enter a name (this will appear in the BeyondWords Player while the ad is playing)

    2. Set the 'Target ad unit size' to '400x300v'

    3. Select 'Ad Manager hosted'

    4. Upload your mp3 audio file and wait for the audio to be processed

  4. Under 'Destination', enter a 'Click-through URL' (listeners will be able to click through to this companion URL while the ad is playing)

  5. Select 'Save'

3. Connect the audio creative to the audio ad unit

Once you have saved your new audio creative, you will need to connect it to your ad unit so that it can be returned in the VAST ad tag.

Make sure you create a corresponding 'Order' and 'Line Item' before continuing. You should see the 'Ready' status alongside your Line Item once you have approved your Order, signifying that the creative is ready to be served.

4. Generate a VAST ad tag

  1. Go to 'Inventory' > 'Ad units' then select your audio ad unit

  2. Go to the 'Tags' section

  3. Under 'Select a tag type', select 'Google Publisher Tag for Video'

  4. Select 'Continue'

  5. Enable 'Live traffic'

  6. Under 'Player SDK type', select 'No SDK'

  7. Select 'Continue'

  8. Under 'URL' and 'Description URL', enter XXXXXX

    Both the URL and description URL will be updated by the BeyondWords Player at runtime before the VAST request is made, hence the values added here do not need to reflect the exact page URL.

  9. Select 'Continue'

  10. Select 'Copy tag'

5. Add the VAST Ad Tag to your BeyondWords Project

Paste the tag into an email to [email protected] along with your project ID, and we will add it to your project.

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