Make your content on Webflow listenable with BeyondWords.

This guide explains how to make your Webflow content listenable with BeyondWords. While we do not have a dedicated Webflow integration, it is possible to create audio versions automatically or manually. You can then manually embed audio via a customizable player.

Converting your Webflow content into audio

Embedding audio in Webflow

  1. In BeyondWords, go to the 'Content (Audios)' section of your project dashboard

  2. Hover on the audio you would like to embed and select the '<>' icon ('Get embed code')

  3. Select 'Standard Player' or 'Large Player' depending which you would like to embed (both are customizable), then select the copy icon to copy the iFrame embed code

  4. Follow this guide to embed custom code on your Webflow page.

  5. In the 'HTML Embed Code Editor' window, paste the iFrame embed code, then select 'Update' — if the audio has processed, you should now see the audio player on the page.

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