Generate via TTS Editor

Use the Text-to-Speech Editor to create audio from plain text.

You can also edit audio in the TTS Editor, even if it was created automatically.

To start creating audio manually head to your project in the dashboard and click Create audio in the top right hand corner.

You can then paste or write your text into the editor.

Turn off the Read content title toggle in the project Settings if you want to use the title to describe your audio file.

You can select different voices (within your selected language) by clicking on the name next to each segment.

You can also upload mp3s into your audio by clicking on the + icon next to each segment. This is useful if you want to include some music or an interview in your audio.

Once you’re finished editing, click Generate audio.

In the pop-up, you can choose to add an author (this will be stored as metadata) or add a URL (this will be necessary if you want to automatically embed your audio into your page).

You can also click Schedule for later to schedule your audio for processing at a later time and date.

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