Download audio

Save your audio as an mp3 file.

This guide explains how to download an audio file from BeyondWords to your device. This is useful if you need to upload the audio elsewhere.

🔓 This feature is only available to Enterprise plans.

  • Go to the 'Content (Audios)' section of your project dashboard

  • Hover on the audio you would like to download

  • Select the download icon ('Download')

  • The mp3 file will either:

    • Download to your device (you may need to allow downloads from BeyondWords via a pop-up first) or

    • Open in a new tab — you should then be able to download the audio from the player


What is the audio file type?

Your audio will download as an mp3 file. If you need another format, you will need to use a conversion tool.

Where will the file be saved?

This will depend on the default download path on your device. You can typically access downloaded files from your browser settings.

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