BeyondWords hosts more than 550 voices from 140 languages and locales.

Choosing a natural sounding voice, specific to your brand and content, can set you apart from the competition, helping listeners resonate with the audio you publish.

On BeyondWords you can access:

🔒 Cloned voices are exclusively available to Enterprise plans. Pro voices are available to both Pro plans and Enterprise plans. Standard voices can be used by any plans.

To demo the voices head to the Settings section of your project. In the General tab, under Project details, start by selecting the language for your project.

You can then scroll and demo the different voices by clicking on the play button next to each name.

To use a voice for your project, select the voice by clicking on the name. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.

You can see a list of available voices in the /voices endpoint in the API.

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