License your AI voice

Learn about the process of creating and licensing your AI voice with BeyondWords.
BeyondWords offers a voice cloning service, which allows you to create and license your AI voice. Our experienced team can help whether you are looking to:
  • license your AI voice to a particular company,
  • monetize your AI voice through the BeyondWords voice library, and/or
  • create your AI voice clone for personal use.

What are the benefits of creating your AI voice clone?

If you are a voice actor, creating your AI voice clone is an effective way to monetize your voice. We recommend that voice actors are paid an upfront fee for the creation of the voice clone, as well as a usage-based fee. This allows you to earn passive income from projects where human voiceover is infeasible.
You can also offer your voice clone under any terms you wish — for example, if it should only be used for specific content types. This allows you to maintain control over your voice IP.
If you are a content creator, an AI voice clone can revolutionize your audio strategy. You can produce spoken-word audio content quickly, easily, and affordably — and without sacrificing the engagement power of your own voice.

How do I protect my IP when creating my AI voice clone?

We recommend using our Voice Cloning Contract (US & UK) and seeking independent legal advice when creating your AI voice clone.
Produced in collaboration with the Open Voice Network, the Voice Cloning Contract facilitates fair contracting between a person recording their voice for the purposes of synthetic speech and the company using the recordings. It covers areas a range of commercial and contractual areas, and is free to use.

How do I create an AI voice clone?

Before creating your AI voice clone, you will need to form an agreement with the company commissioning it and/or the company creating it. This is the legal contract that sets out the terms and conditions for both parties. It is important that you use this agreement to protect your interests. Our Voice Cloning Contract (US & UK) provides a good starting point.
Once the terms have been agreed, you will need to record a script. These recordings (speech data) will be used to train your AI voice clone. BeyondWords will provide a script, which contains 2,000–8,000 utterances (2–8 recorded hours). This domain-specific script has been developed to ensure the voice model is trained optimally.

Are your voice clones high quality?

BeyondWords is committed to developing the highest-quality voice clones. While it will never match your real voice, your AI voice clone will sound unmistakably 'you'.
In this video, you can hear voice actor Joe Coen's voice compared against his AI voice. Visit our blog to learn more about the creation of Joe's AI voice.