Inspect panel

Our Inspect panel on the post edit screen allows you to view, copy or remove the BeyondWords data we store in WordPress for each post.

Access the Inspect panel

Block Editor

You can find the Inspect panel at the bottom the BeyondWords Sidebar. If it's closed (with the arrow pointing down) then click on the panel title to open it.

Classic Editor

Enable or disable the BeyondWords: Inspect panel using the Screen Options.

Managing BeyondWords data

We provide controls at the bottom of the Inspect panel to manage linked audio data.


Use "Copy" to copy the BeyondWords audio data in text format.

Pasting this data into a support request enables us to see exactly what audio data has been saved for a particular post.


Use "Remove" to remove the audio data from the post – to delete all BeyondWords custom fields from your post. Recent versions of our WordPress plugin will also attempt to delete the audio from your BeyondWords dashboard, to keep WordPress and your BeyondWords dashboard in sync.

To prevent accidental deletion, after pressing "Remove" you will then need to save your changes to the post. The audio data will not be removed until the post has been updated.

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