Once you’ve created an account in BeyondWords, and created a new project, get started by installing the BeyondWords plugin.

To install the plugin, go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress dashboard, click Add new in the top left hand corner and search for BeyondWords.

Press Install and then Activate!

Click Enable auto-updates in the plugin settings to get access to latest features.

After installation, you can access the plugin settings from the main navigation menu at Settings > BeyondWords.

Input your API Key and the Project ID of the new project you created in BeyondWords.

Find these credentials by going to the Settings in the project…

…and clicking on the CMS Integrations tab.

Click on WordPress and copy and insert your API Key and Project ID into the plugin settings in WordPress.

Once you’ve input these credentials, click Save Settings in the WordPress settings.

You’re now ready to publish!

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