Using the WordPress plugin

The BeyondWords plugin can be used to add audio to your posts as you publish them from your WordPress dashboard.

Once the plugin has been installed and Project ID and API Key credentials have been entered, every time you publish a post, WordPress will send these to BeyondWords for processing into audio.

Click on the speaker symbol in the top right hand side of the editor to access the BeyondWords sidebar.

Simply draft up your post and get ready to publish. In the pre-publish checks you’ll see an option to Generate audio. Uncheck this box if you do not wish to generate audio for a post.

Once you publish your post, WordPress will send the text to BeyondWords and processing will begin. It normally takes a few minutes for audio to process, depending on the length of the post.

Generate audio for existing posts

To generate audios for existing posts:

  • Go to the 'All Posts' section in your WordPress dashboard

  • Select the posts you want to generate audio for

  • In the 'Bulk actions' dropdown, select 'Generate audio'

  • Hit 'Apply' to generate audios for the selected posts

Once the audio is processed, the player will appear at the top of the post.

Your readers now have the option to listen to your posts!

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