Embed a playlist

You can embed a playlist into your website or app using the BeyondWords Player embed script.

<script async defer src="https://proxy.beyondwords.io/npm/@beyondwords/player@latest/dist/umd.js" 
  onload="new BeyondWords.Player({ 
    target: this, 
    projectId: <ID>,
    playlistId: <ID>,
    playerStyle: 'standard'

You will need to replace the project ID and playlist ID with your projectId and playlistId.

To make it easier, click on the < > icon in the top-right of the playlist’s page, and copy the BeyondWords Player embed script with ID's pre-filled.

Copy the BeyondWords Player script embed and add it to your website or app, wrapping the script in a container that you can size to your requirements.

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