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Phonetic transcription

The rule type is currently limited to voice clones, but we are working on making it available for our standard voices in the future.
Create a ipa_transcription, x_sampa_transcription, pinyin_transcription, or jyutping_transcription rule to force a word to be pronounced according to your preferences.
For example, you could create a rule that uses seˈβiʎa as the ipa_transcription for the word Seville.
You can apply this rule to all audios in a project or just a single audio.
  • Use Key to enter the word you'd like to transcribe the pronunciation for.
  • For Rule select the IPA, X-SAMPA, Pinyin, or Jyutping transcription rule.
  • Use Value to enter the phonetic transcription.
Use the /rules endpoint to create new rules and the /content endpoint to regenerate to apply new rules to older content.