Embed player (auto)

Automatically embed audio versions into their source pages.
️If you have followed setup instructions for the WordPress plugin or Ghost integration, automatic embedding is already enabled. Please ignore this guide.
This guide explains how to set up automatic embedding on your website or app. This means that audio versions are automatically embedded into their source pages via a customizable player, allowing you to publish audio articles instantly and effortlessly.
You can use any of the following methods, depending on your setup and player preferences:
The code will check whether there is an audio version of each page on your website or app by comparing the page URL/ID against the audio metadata. (If you are creating audio with our TTS Editor, you will need to enter the URL metadata when requested.)
When an audio version is available, the player will render with corresponding audio. It will not render on pages where an audio version is unavailable.


When will the player appear?
What happens if I edit my audio?
Will automatic embedding slow down my website?