Player types

Learn how to share your audio using our customizable audio players.
We've launched the new BeyondWords Player in beta! Want to try it out? Contact us on [email protected] to get an invite.
You can share your BeyondWords audio using three customizable audio player UIs. These have been designed to offer a great listening experience on every device.


Can I customize the players?
Yes, all of our players are customizable:
Can I change the default playback speed?
It not currently possible to change the default playback speed (1x). However, listeners can change the playback speed to 0.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, or 2x when using our players.
Will the audio players slow down my website?
Our players should not slow down your website. We’ve designed BeyondWords to minimize any effect on latency. The JavaScript player is lightweight and embedded via an iFrame, which means that it only loads after all other page content has loaded. We’re also the only text-to-speech service that transcodes audio for HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), which splits audio into 15-second segments at different bit rates to ensure frictionless listening.
Can I use my own player?
Yes, if you are embedding audio automatically, you can build your own player using our JavaScript, iOS, or Android SDKs.
You also have the option to download audio and upload to the player(s) of your choice.