Content in BeyondWords is structured around Projects.

Projects are essentially workspaces in which to store and manage generated content.

Projects generally contain feeds of articles (or posts) from a specific source. For example, a CMS or a section of a website.

However, Projects can also be useful for containing any collection of audio.

Each Project has its own dashboard, settings and analytics.

You need a Project ID and API Key to use the API and CMS Plugins.

Create a project

You can create a project through the dashboard or the API:

  1. Sign into your BeyondWords account.

  2. Select Create new project button in the top-right of the dashboard or clicks on the + icon in the projects tabs to the left.

  3. Enter a Project title (this is mainly for reference).

  4. Select a default project Language locale (this will determine what voices are presented to you).

  5. Select Create.

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