Premium neural voices

Learn about the premium neural voices available on BeyondWords.
BeyondWords offers premium neural voices (🔒 Pro and Enterprise plans only). These are voice clones of professional voice actors, available exclusively on our platform.
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These voices are available to all paying users:
  • Dave (English - Great Britain, UK)
  • Eddie (English - Great Britain, UK)
  • Joe (English - Great Britain, UK)
  • Kate (English - USA)
These voices are available to paying users on request only (please complete this form):
  • Adam (English - USA)
  • Jodi (English - USA)
  • Maria (English - USA)
In the voice selection menus, premium neural voices are marked with the BeyondWords logo. Pilot users can preview the voices but are unable to select or use them.
Are you a voice actor? Learn how to license your voice to BeyondWords.