Advert consent


The advertConsent parameter in the BeyondWords Player allows you to reflect the level of consent provided by the users of your website concerning personalized ads.

These guidelines describe how to use this parameter and ensure that user consent aligns with the type of ads shown when serving programmatic ads.

The advertConsent parameter applies only to adverts of the type vast.


Personalized ads, tailored based on user data, will be served. This adds npa=0 to the VAST tag URL.


Personalized ads are switched off, and generic ads will be served. This adds npa=1 to the VAST tag URL.


Disables many forms of tracking, ensuring compliance with regulations like COPPA and GDPR where stricter data processing rules apply for users below the age of consent. This adds tfua=1 to the VAST tag URL.


This is an example of the player embed script with personazlied ads enabled.

<script async defer src=""
    onload="new BeyondWords.Player({
        target: this,
        projectId: <ID>,
        contentId: '<ID>',
        advertConsent: 'personalized'

For WordPress you can update the consent using the beyondwords_player_sdk_paramsfilter.

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