Ad personalization

Learn how to configure the BeyondWords Player monetization settings.

The BeyondWords Player natively integrates with BeyondWords monetization.

This only applies to VAST ads and maps to parameters documented in the Google IMA SDK.

You can configure the player monetization settings to set the level of consent provided by the user of your website for whether personalized ads are allowed.

Set advertConsent to any of the following:

  • personalized adds the npa=0 parameter to vastUrl for personalized ads (default).

  • non-personalized adds the npa=1 parameter to vastUrl which switches off personalized ads.

  • under-the-age-of-consent adds the tfua=1 parameter which disables most forms of tracking.

This only applies to adverts of type 'vast' and maps onto the parameters documented here. You are responsible for requesting consent from your users.

The BeyondWords Player adopts Google's approach of enabling personalized ads by default, placing the onus on the integrator to obtain user consent. This means that users will see personalized ads unless they have opted out of tracking. The integrator is responsible for providing a clear and concise way for users to opt out of tracking, and for ensuring that user consent is valid.

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