Learn how to make articles listenable with BeyondWords.
There are many benefits to making your articles listenable. This guide explains different ways to create and distribute audio articles with BeyondWords.


There are two main ways to create audio versions of articles with BeyondWords:
We recommend that you enable automatic embedding using our iFrame code, AMP iFrame code, JavaScript SDK, Android SDK, and/or iOS SDK. However, you do have the option to embed the player manually.
If you wish to review your audio before it is distributed, disable automatic publishing.

Other distribution methods

As well as embedding the audio player alongside your articles, you may wish to:


Can I customize my audio articles?
Yes, there are many ways to customize your audio articles:
If you wish to review your audio before it is published, disable automatic publishing.
Can I measure engagement with my audio articles?
Yes, you can measure engagement with your audio articles through dashboard analytics, Google Analytics integration, or Google Tag Manager integration.
Can I monetize my audio articles?
Yes, you can monetize your audio articles using self-serve audio ads or VAST advertising.
You can also offer audio as part of a subscription.