Long-form content

Learn how to make long-form content listenable with BeyondWords.
Making your long-form written content listenable can improve reach and engagement. This guide explains how to deliver the best audio experience using BeyondWords.
We recommend that you split long-form audio into sections so that it's easier for listeners to get straight to the parts they're interested in. You can embed an audio player into each section and/or provide an audio playlist that brings all the sections together.



  1. 1.
    Create audio for each section using the Text-to-Speech Editor
  2. 2.
    Create a manual playlist that brings all the audios together and customize the Playlist Player
  3. 3.
    Manually embed audios into their corresponding sections using the Small Player
  4. 4.
    Manually embed the playlist near the beginning of your content
Unable to embed audio? You can link to the playlist instead — ideal for PDFs.


Can I create a single audio for my long-form content?
You can convert long-form content into a single audio as long as it is within the size limit (600 paragraphs per audio and 1,000 characters per paragraph).
However, we recommend that you split longer audios into sections, as described above, to ensure a better listening experience. With our Playlist Player, users can listen right through everything at the touch of a button or jump straight to a specific section.
Last modified 5mo ago