Create and share playlists

Learn how to create and share playlists featuring your BeyondWords audio.

There are two ways to create custom playlists in a BeyondWords project:

  1. Create playlists manually: Create a fixed list of audios that's editable anytime
  2. Create playlists automatically: Use custom rules to build playlists that are auto-updated with qualifying audios

You can also customize and share a Project Playlist, which is automatically updated with the latest audios in your project.

All playlists can be distributed as podcasts, embedded via iFrame, or shared via URL.

️JavaScript developers can use our JavaScript Playlist Player SDK to build a custom playlist and player.

Why create playlists?

Playlists allow you to deliver multi-audio experiences. They can help you connect listeners to the content they're interested in — and keep them engaged for longer.

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