Request custom text-to-speech rules

Speak to our team about rules that will improve the speech output on your project.

BeyondWords' computational linguists can build custom text-to-speech rules for your project. This means that we can change how your AI voice(s) handle particular elements.


This feature is available on paid plans only. Upgrade now.

For example, we can:

  • Prevent unwanted elements from being processed into audio — for example, paragraphs beginning "Read more:"

  • Add pronunciations for words or abbreviations that are unique to your project

  • Change default pause lengths between sentences or paragraphs

To request a customization, email [email protected] or use the chat function in your BeyondWords dashboard.


To learn more about the natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that make this possible, read or listen to our blog post: Why text-to-speech voices sound better on BeyondWords

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