Share audio via URL

Link to the online player for a specific audio.

This guide explains how to share audio hosted on BeyondWords via URL. The linked webpage will be hosted on and feature the Large Player.

  1. Go to the 'Content (Audios)' section of your project dashboard

  2. Hover on the audio you would like to share

  3. Select the copy icon ('Copy shareable URL')

  1. Paste the URL wherever you would like to link to or open it


What happens if I update the audio?

If an audio is updated, its shareable URL will remain the same. The manual Player will always stream the latest version of the audio (once fully processed).

What happens if I disable or delete the audio?

The shareable URL for a deleted or disabled audio will return an error page. The same will happen for any non-processed audio (i.e. the audio status is: processing, unprocessed, error, skipped, or draft).

What happens if the audio is scheduled for later?

If you have scheduled the audio for later, you will still be able to copy the shareable URL. However, the player will not show on the page until the scheduled time.

Can I customize the web player?

Yes, you can customize the Large Player (the web player that is used for audio shared via URL).

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