Docs and guides

Docs and guides

Welcome to the BeyondWords docs!
BeyondWords is an AI audio publishing platform created specifically for digital publishers. Audio powered by BeyondWords serves hundreds of thousands of impressions globally every day.
By adding options to listen to your content you can significantly improve audience engagement and retention.
The best way to integrate BeyondWords is by using the REST API and BeyondWords Player - however, we’ve also built plugins for WordPress and Ghost, as well as an RSS feed importer.
On BeyondWords, content is organized around Projects, Content, and Segments:
  • Project - a workspace in which to store and manage content.
  • Content - a single item of AI generated audio content.
  • Segment - a single element within an item of content (a title, a paragraph or image)
Use these docs to navigate around the platform and make the most out of AI audio. Check out the following pages to get started:
What to help us improve? Feel free to get in touch at [email protected]
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