Video (beta)

Learn how to generate and distribute videos with BeyondWords.


In today's news consumption landscape, reader attention is often fragmented. Our new video product addresses this challenge by automatically transforming articles into engaging videos, complete with narration, captions, images, and background music (beta). This approach provides your audience with multiple options for article consumption – through watching, listening, or reading – which is essential for engagement. By converting both full articles and summaries (beta) into easily digestible videos, we help you capture audience attention, boost engagement, and expand your reach across various platforms.

Enable video

To get started, go to the Settings section of your project. At the top of your Settings, click on Video. Activate the Video generation enabled toggle to let BeyondWords generate videos.

Once enabled, you can further customize your video settings:

Logo You can upload your brand logo and choose the position that the logo should appear in the video.

Background and text caption colors

You can make the videos unique to your brand by customizing the default video background, text caption background, text, text highlighting and waveform colors.


If your article includes images or you want to add them to appear in the video, you can include them in the video by switching on content image and image extraction. To add some animation to images, you can switch on pan and zoom too.

For those using the editor to create or edit audios, you can add images as segments:

The images will change dynamically as the video progresses. An image will appear only for the duration of the following segment(s), or until another image appears.

When you have adjusted the video player settings to your preferences, click Save changes.

Past content items will not generate video automatically and will need to be regenerated manually.

Distribute video

Like audio, videos can be distributed using the BeyondWords Player. You just need to set playerStyle parameter to video in the player script. See example:

<script async defer src="" 
  onload="new BeyondWords.Player({ 
    target: this, 
    projectId: <ID>,
    contentId: '<ID>',
    playerStyle: 'video',

You can copy the player script from the dashboard:

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